Todd Talk (December 2016)

Todd Talk

Todd Ballance, Executive Director.

Todd Ballance, Executive Director.

During this most joyous and kindest time of the year the staff members and volunteers at Virginia’s Oldest Church decorate the Site with festive flair and keep the falling leaves at bay.  I tell you what, our groundsmen do a marvelous job of creating an almost Camelot-like landscape with their leaves removal.  We hope you made your way out during “Christmas in Smithfield” to see our decorations, enjoy our gift shop and purchase a Christmas Tree.  If you were unable to attend do not fear – we will only be closed on Christmas Day between now and New Year’s when we close for the month of January.  Make plans to visit us between now and then to enjoy the decorations and purchase those unique stocking stuffers.  Collin and Gloria have stocked the gift shop with seasonal scarves, scented candles, and a wide arrangement of artisan soaps for those special friends and family members.  For the hard-to-shop-for friend or family member or for the person who loves history and the bizarre may I recommend our line of sci-fi and history-merged items.  These items will surprise you in their craftiness in melting the classic and historical with the genres of sci-fi and horror.  You you find the truly something cool and hip for that someone special this holiday season.  Purchase now and often as all net proceeds benefit the annual operations of Virginia’s Oldest Church.  Be safe, take care, and have fun with you and yours this season!

Education Program Events

Dr. Amanda Herbert presents a lecture on Dissenters in the British Atlantic.

Dr. Amanda Herbert presented a lecture on Dissenters in the British Atlantic back in June.

Wow!  What a year of educational events and symposia!  We filled your calendar with a lot of great events to attend, and you didn’t let us down!  By attending our events and symposia you showed us that you enjoy and appreciate our programming.  Your continued patronage into the 2017 season will continue to help us fulfill our educational mission.


Help me in congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. Berkeley, and Mr. and and Mrs. Witten as newly weds who chose Historic St. Luke’s as the location for their special days.


In November we mailed you our Annual Fund Letter.  This annual initiative is the single most important fund raising program we have each year.  From your gifts we are able to pay for the day-to-day grounds and buildings maintenance, planning and execution of daily guided tours, special events, and academic symposia, seeking and securing foundation grants, planning and executing marketing and advertising plans, managing a first-rate boutique gift shop, and thanking patrons like you.  You still have time to make your fully tax deductible contribution between now and New Year’s.  Please share with me in recognizing and thanking the generous donors listed below for their heart-felt Annual Fund contribution.

Joseph  H. Barlow, Sr.

Fred Barrett, III    

James Bell  

Sue Bloxom         

Gerard Bodson     

Russell Braswell   

Randolph  Maury Browne, III

William Carrell, II          

Angela Catanzaro

Jean A. Clayton   

Bobby Cooke       

Steve Cumer         

Catherine Duncan

W. Eakle

Michael Ebey       

Paul Flanagan      

Nancy Fulgham    

William Futrell, Jr.         

Richard Wells Gresham

Barbara Groves    

Mark Hall

Channing Hall III

Romayne A. Hardy         

Susan Hatter        

Robert Hayes       

Michael Hildreth  

Snow covered Historic St. Luke's.

Snow covered Historic St. Luke’s.

Lanny Hinson      

William Hodsden

Herbert Jones       

Mary Jo Jordan    

Liz Lemery  

Barbara Lindley   

Albert Mittelmaier, Jr.    

Anne Morgan       

Steven Nevares    

Alain Outlaw        

Robert Owens      

Lee Paul      

John S. Preston    

Robert Tacker      

James Turner       

James E. Turner, Jr.       

Pamela Vick         

Willis C. Watts     

Robert Waxham   

Judy Winslow


The following folks renewed or joined for the first time the community of members at Virginia’s Oldest Church in the month of November:

Ms. Jennifer Worrell and Mr. Peter Mack

Mr. William Moore, Jr.

Mr. Charles Modlin

We look forward to seeing you soon at Virginia’s Oldest Church!