Farewell To Marketing Coordinator Joseph Tapia

Marketing Coordinator Joseph Tapia

Joseph’s History at Historic St. Luke’s

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we must announce that Marketing Coordinator Joseph Tapia is leaving Historic St. Luke’s to pursue his education.

Joe was promoted to the rank of Marketing Coordinator in July of 2015, and he continued on until March 2017. Prior to his promotion he had no experience in a marketing.

Joseph Tapia helping a customer.

In January 2017 he decided to pursue his Associates in Liberal Arts with a Minor in Theatre Performance at Thomas Nelson Community College, with a goal of transferring to a four year university afterwards. Doing so, he switched his full-time schedule to part-time. In March of 2017 he made the difficult decision of going back to college full-time, unfortunately having to leave his position as Marketing Coordinator.

Joe’s Accolades

Joe with others cleaning a gravestone.

During his tenure he increased operational revenues 32% during year one, and 18% from year one to year two. He launched initiatives Historic St. Luke’s had never pursued, including television and radio.

He directed five commercials advertising programs and special events for the site that reached hundreds of thousands of Hampton Roads residents on Cox Media and Charter.

His digital expertise was greatly appreciated during his time here. His areas of responsibility included web management, digital ad creation, and email marketing.  During his time he launched countless campaigns on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. His most successful campaigns had impressions in the hundreds of thousands range, with conversion rates as high as 14%.

Joe’s Future

“I am so grateful to have had this opportunity”, said Tapia. “This has honestly been one of the best experiences that has ever happened to me. Just the idea, that someone would take a chance on me, having no prior knowledge, and that I could learn as much as I have is absolutely astounding. This isn’t the kind of experience that you would receive fresh out of college.”

Joe is currently repped by Hutson Talent Agency for acting, modelling, and theater.

Everyone at Historic St. Luke’s wishes him the best in his future. He will be sorely missed.