St. Luke’s Ancient Cemetery is Virginia’s Oldest Open Cemetery. With between 300 and 500 unmarked 17th through 19th-centuries human remains interred inside the church building and around the church building and hundreds more interred in marked gravesites, the Ancient Cemetery continues to serve our community. Here is a link to the IOW Historical Society’s Cemetery Taskforce Survey conducted in 2006. This proves to be an invaluable resource for families and genealogists.

Ancient Cemetery Plots For Sale

Gravesites are available for purchase. Contact Fred Hodges, Sales Manager, at (757) 357-3367 or via email at for pricing and availability.

1950s Ladies enjoying a picnic near interred loved ones
Family Cemetery Plot near church building

Twilight Cemetery Tours

The Education Department provides Twilight Cemetery Tours in the month of October. Stay tuned to our Events Calendar and social media platform for more information about availability and ticketing.

A foggy morning looking southeast across cemetery
Cemetery Preservation Workshops

Throughout the year the Education Department also hosts volunteer-led Cemetery Preservation Workshops. These Saturday workshops are designed to address neglected monuments, markers, and stones that require cleaning using approved techniques endorsed by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources (VDHR). If you are interested in volunteering during one of these limited capacity workshops follow our Events Calendar and social media platforms for future announcements and contact Rachel Popp, Education Coordinator, at (757) 357-3367 or via email at for more information.

Cemetery Preservation Workshop volunteers cleaning