Blazing Goats BBQ – Sept 10-11, 2016

During the “General from Whitemarsh:  A Celebration of Joseph Bridger:  A 17th-century living history weekend” September 10-11, 2016 the food truck featured will be Blazin Goats’ BBQ. Enjoy this video of their smoker on youtube. Stan Battle and his co-owner are proud to present the best bar-b-que of Hampton Roads.  As active Navy personnel they proudly showcase their unique, American … Read More

Twilight Cemetery Tour Teaser

Beneath the shade of a tree in the graveyard of Historic St. Luke’s Church stand two almost identical gravestones. The similarities between these stones do not end at the style and shape of the grave markers; the death dates listed are identical as well. Although little is known about the “Blackwell Children”, the story their grave markers tell is a … Read More

Interview with Chief Walter “Red Hawk” Brown

On Thursday August 19, John Ericson, Museum Interpreter for Historic St. Luke’s Church sat down with Chief Brown to discuss the history of the Cheroenhaka Tribe and the Chief’s upcoming presentation at Historic St. Luke’s on September 10. The Cheroenhaka/Nottoway Tribe is located in Southampton County, VA near Courtland. The Tribe currently consists of 425 members and owns 263 acres. … Read More

Dr. Doug Owsley Returns To Historic St. Luke’s

In 2007 the Smithsonian Institute was in the midst of a project called Written in Bone, a project that offered biographies through human remains found at Jamestown and at Historic St. Luke’s Church. Col. Joseph Bridger of Whitemarsh (1629-1686) was one of the wealthiest people in Colonial Virginia in the late 17th century. He was two time interim Governor and … Read More

Todd Talk (August 2016)

The past several weeks are the greatest examples of dog days of summer.  I feel for our landscape crew and the nearby construction workers working on the Benn’s Church/Benn’s Grant roadways projects.  Amidst all of this roadwork we have remained open for tours and gift shopping.  Although the heat and construction may have proved to much for some visitors others … Read More

Free Admission August 25th – 31st

With summer winding down and school starting soon what better time to get in all your last minute vacation stops? And what better place than Historic St. Luke’s? Historic St. Luke’s is excited to announce that admission to our 45 minute guided tour will be available free to the public from August 25th through August 31st, 2016. Our guided tour … Read More

God and Country: Loyalist Clergy

The Revolutionary War created a dilemma for clergyman who had taken an oath of loyalty to the head of the Church of England, his Majesty King George III. By the 1770’s English clergy were facing a stark choice, stay and join the patriot cause or go back home to England to maintain their status within the Church of England. But, … Read More

Where is Werowocomoco?

  In 2002 to 2003 an archaeological dig in Gloucester VA uncovered evidence that suggests that it is the site of the capital of the Powhatan Confederation known as Werowocomoco, a city that dates back to 1200 C.E. .  The National Park Service is currently involved in a project to make the site a part of the NPS and be … Read More

“Is There Anyone Famous Buried Here?”

> One of the frequent questions we get at Historic St. Luke’s is; “is there anyone famous buried here”. Our response is that there is no one who is well known throughout the country but many who are near and dear to us. Among those are people who fought in our nation’s conflicts and helped to preserve our liberties that … Read More

British Atlantic: Epilogue

On Saturday, June 4th, 2016 between 1 and 2:30 p.m. twenty-five guests and staff enjoyed Dr. Herbert’s presentation on the 17th and 18th-centuries Dissenters of the British Atlantic. She established the average Anglican experience from typical services to special holy days. Not all British subjects agreed with the Church of England, although it was the State religion. Those believers were known … Read More