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General Information

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration, conducting business as Historic St. Luke’s Church, is located just outside of downtown Smithfield, Virginia. The museum is governed by a board, and a full overview of board members can be found by clicking here.

Historic St. Luke’s not only serves as a museum offering daily guided tours, but also functions as and provides:

  • Venue rental for weddings, special events, and religious services
  • Educational symposiums
  • Community outreach events

Museum History

Tucked back from the road in Smithfield, Virginia stands Historic St. Luke’s, the oldest surviving church building in Virginia. The 17th-Century structure was originally an Anglican Church that disestablished in 1777. The church is not functional again until 1821 when the building begins to be used by an Episcopal Bishop for missionary society meetings and an Episcopal Congregation begins to form. By 1836, the congregation has moved to a new location and the church building is abandoned, falling into disrepair. The interior of the church building is completely gutted during it’s abandonment, but the skeleton of the building remains.

Historic St. Luke’s Church experiences two major restorations during its history, the first of which begins in the late 1880s and is completed by 1894. The Restoration Committee repair the building and redo the interior in a style appropriate for the time as they were not aiming for historical accuracy during this project. It is during this restoration that the beautiful stained glass windows were installed. In the 1950s, the second major restoration occurs and significant changes are made as this committee was striving for a more historically accurate restoration. During the 1950’s Restoration, the committee acquired many 17th-Century furnishings including the oldest organ in the U.S. which is still housed in the church building today. Historic St. Luke’s now exists as a museum and church venue, giving tours to visitor’s interested in the church’s history and hosting many different events including weddings, community events, and more.


Demographics and Audiences Served

Historic St. Luke’s serves an assortment of visitors from all walks of life. Main demos are as follows:

Seniors age 65+

Women age 35 – 55

According to recent data, the following represent percentages of our annual visitation:

Seniors:  21%

Wedding Guests: 18%

Religious Service Guests: 11%

Discounted Admissions: 11%

Adults: 11%

Group Tours: 10%

AAA Members: 7%

Military 4%

Educators/Students: 4%

Blue Star Museum Members : 2%

Children 1%

According to recent data, our highest values of annual visitor locality can be represented by the following percentages:

Virginia 59%

North Carolina 5%

Pennsylvania 4%

Maryland, Texas, South Carolina, and Illinois all represented 3%.

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Social Media Presence and Reviews

In addition to the aforementioned audiences, Historic St. Luke’s also serves audiences through various social media subscriptions. As of November, 2016  Historic St. Luke’s caters to the following:

3,250 Facebook followers

258 Twitter followers

216 Instagram followers

Historic St. Luke’s also boasts reviews on the following sites:

306 Trip Advisor Reviews

29 Facebook Reviews

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