The Mission of Historic St. Luke’s Restoration is to preserve, protect, and promote this historic church landmark and its collections, documents, history, graveyard, and surroundings.Historic St. Luke's Restoration (HSLR)

Brand Positioning Statement

St. Luke’s Historic Church & Museum, Virginia’s oldest brick church, now serves the public as a living, breathing symbol of religious freedom with a storied past. Explore the grounds of this renowned historic site and national landmark on a journey through over 400 years of vibrant, American history. Turn the page, step into a piece of our nation’s past, and uncover the unique, enriching story that IS St. Luke’s Historic Church & Museum.Brand Positioning Statement, HSLR, 2018


Our core values serve to help the visitor envision, experience and study the setting, architecture and history of a colonial church and its burial site, and to focus the work of the Board and Staff on continuing our dedication to:


Ensuring that the historic church, landmark, artifacts, documents, cemeteries are maintained in a historically accurate state.


Actively pursuing the secure and dignified status of the grounds, buildings, and collections.


Recognizing the spirituality of the church, it’s native purpose, its somber environment, and the serene atmosphere is maintained.


Striving to do the best in all of our actions.


Providing opportunities and materials for study.


Providing knowledgeable and accessible tours, access to research and genealogical materials.


Recognizing that the church’s significant historical status is the underlying value.


Encouraging visitation in a variety of markets and involvement in the tourism and historical community.


Carefully using financial, material, and personnel assets.