Our Collections

Since at least the 1950s with the establishment of Historic St. Luke’s Restoration, the museum has collected and continues to collect artifacts, ephemera, and stories related to the site specific, regional and American history we steward, showcase, and share.

A number of our artifacts are permanent exhibition in the church building; however, many more remain in storage and are periodically displayed in temporary exhibits.

Our Education Department led by our Education Coordinator, leads all collections management efforts including the cleaning, cataloging, exhibition, and storage of all items.

Our current largest project is the Corporate History Archives Project. The project contains 47,810 pages of corporate history to image and organize.

Should you have any questions about our collections, please contact Rachel Popp, Education Coordinator, for more information at (757) 357-3367 or via email at rpopp@historicstlukes.org.

Recovered during the 1950s restoration, 19th-century coffin handles from under the baptismal font
Oldest Organ in America, a 1630s English Chamber Organ