Race and Salvation! by John Ericson

On April 9, 2016, Historic St. Luke’s Church is proud to present a symposium on the early African American experience within the established Church of England. Dr. Cassandra Newby-Alexander will present on “Anglicanism, Race and Intolerance in Colonial Virginia”. Beginning early in the 17th century, Africans were taken to Bermuda, Barbados and Virginia to serve a within the Colonial system. … Read More

What’s In The Box, by John Ericson

On Saturday April 23rd at 1:00 p.m. Historic St. Luke’s is proud to present Mark Summers, the Manager of Educational and Public Programs at Historic Jamestowne, will present on the recent findings from an archaeological project that discovered the foundations of the first English Church building in North America in 1608. Inside the waddle and daub chapel the remains of … Read More

Todd Talk March 2016

Todd Talk The Ides of March will quickly be here.  Rather than an assassination of a major political leader, the staff here at Historic St. Luke’s predicts our “torrent” will come in the form of gift shop and tour visitors and wedding and special event guests to Virginia’s Oldest Church.  After many months of planning and ramping-up marketing efforts we … Read More

Artifact of The Month (March)

Order for Service – Dedication November 16, 1894. Accession # 2008.001.015 In the last decade and a half of the 19th century, the people of Christ Episcopal Church were engaged in a great effort to restore the “Old Brick Church” also known as St. Luke’s. The Reverend David Barr presided over a national campaign to restore the old 17th century … Read More

A History Of Misunderstandings, by John Ericson

Every year at Thanksgiving we hear a narrative about how our country was born in religious freedom. So the story goes, Pilgrims left England in search of a place where they could practice their faith, free of the persecution they faced in England. The story is inaccurate in a number of ways. First it seemingly glosses over the English that … Read More

Todd Talk February 2016

We hope you’ve been safe, warm, and dry during the last month’s snow and rainfall. Since I last wrote you we’ve been working hard to provide you with an interesting educational series and gifts worthy of sharing. Education is proud to announce the first event of our 2016 Calendar – Tony Williams presents on his book “Washington and Hamilton” on … Read More

Washington and Hamilton Lecture Teaser, by John Ericson

After George Washington, Thomas Jefferson seems to have won the hearts of much of modern America. But, it was Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury, whose vision for America was far more prescient than the Arcadian vision of Mr. Jefferson. What is little noticed, however, is that President Washington’s vision and that of Mr. Hamilton were one and … Read More

Todd Talk January 2016

Even though we are closed for normal visitation during the month of January, the staff, board, and volunteers have a lot on our plates!  Behind the scenes we have been and will be busy in several areas. Education is almost ready to announce the 2016 Calendar of Events.  Mr. Ericson and team have been compiling an impressive list of events throughout … Read More

Richard Channing Moore and the Revival of the Episcopal Church

  Bishop James Madison succumbed to what he and his contemporaries called “dropsy” in March of 1812 (dropsy is the old fashion name for edema; a build up of fluid in the body’s cavities or tissues). By that time the Protestant Episcopal Church was in a troubling condition. It was difficult to have enough representatives to hold a convention and … Read More